Did you know. . .

Trees Work Hard in Our Environment!

Dallas area neighborhoods with mature trees can be up to 11 degrees cooler than new neighborhoods without trees.  And a one degree rise in temperature equals a 2 percent increase in peak electricity consumption.  Trees filter dust and toxic pollutants from the atmosphere and capture a wide range of smog-producing compounds such as ozone and carbon monoxide.  One acre of trees absorbs enough carbon dioxide per year to offset emissions made by a car on a 26,000 mile road trip.”

What’s more, large trees remove 60-70 times more pollution than small trees.  Sadly, only two percent of the Dallas tree population exceeds 24″ in diameter, which is difficult to hear.  Consider this;  a single, fully grown sycamore tree can transform 26 pounds of carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen in a year’s time.

Trees intercept rainwater, aiding soil absorption for gradual release into streams, all while preventing flooding, filtering toxins, and extending water availability into dry months, when it is most needed!  And we all know that our city and rural forests are home to a wealth of wildlife that depends on trees for survival.

Almost every city in our country has recorded a drop in the number of trees because of development, pollution, disease and neglect.  Become an advocate for trees in your neighborhood — Our children deserve our best efforts to ensure a beautiful and healthy Dallas for generations to come.