Special Event Held on January 26, 2013

Indian Marker Tree Expert, Artist,
and Author Dennis Downes Visits Dallas!

Mr. Dennis Downs signs copies of his book for attendees.

DHTC Hosts Lecture on January 26, 2013

We were honored to host Dennis Downes for a lecture and book signing in Dallas, Texas, on January 26, 2013.  The event was a great success, drawing over 120 people – professors, students, Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners, American Indians, families with young children, and people who simply love to hear about these wonderful Trail Marker Trees.  Many traveled to hear Dennis speak, some as far as 350 miles.  The appeal of this subject is wide, and we were delighted to showcase Downes’ depth of knowledge and good information to so many enthusiastic listeners.  The lecture was interesting, and the photographs and supporting material were excellent.  After the lecture, the momentum continued as many attendees stayed to talk with the author and to have him sign their books.

Mr. Dennis Downes, Author

It was a rare opportunity to hear one who has invested a lifetime in this research, and for a moment, we got a glimpse of what it must be like to walk those trails with Dennis, and to live in a world that requires an entirely different set of skills to survive.  As a group that works to bring the stories of these great historic trees to the public, we were delighted for the awareness that Dennis raised in our community.  Best of all, as a result of Dennis’ lecture, there are new enthusiasts in our landscapes watching for these trees, and there is a greater urgency to learn about them, protect them and recognize them for the treasures that they are.

Downes recently released his book, Native American Trail Marker Trees: Marking Paths Through the Wilderness, published by Neal Samors. The book is the culmination of nearly thirty years of extensive travel and research, and Downes has passionately done the work of locating, photographing, documenting, sketching, and helping to protect these endangered Trail Marker Trees. He worked with many American Indian officials as well as historical experts, anthropologists, and archaeologists to help draw attention to the historical importance of these marker trees shaped by American Indians in the past.   His book is filled with beautiful photographs and helpful information for people who want to learn more about these trees and their purpose.

For more information on Dennis Downes and his work:

Mr. Downes’ Book

The book may be purchased online at:

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There are many ways for our members to participate. If you enjoy working outside among the trees, or if you prefer research, the study of maps, or working to help keep things organized and running smoothly, there is a place for you in the Dallas Historic Tree Coalition. Come join us!

Following are photos from the event!

Mr. Dennis Downes at podium.

President, Mary Graves with attendees, Jane Larner and Evelyn Womble

Mr. Dennis Downes selling his book with assistance from Ms. Kirbie Houser, DHTC Treasurer and Trustee.

Mr. Downs with Marker Tree Enthusiasts from across the state and Anthropologist, Linda Pelon, who is also a member of of DHTC (on Mr. Downes’ right).