Historic Tree Nomination Form

TXHTC Historic Tree Nomination Form

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Historic Tree Coalition and the historic trees of Texas. We appreciate your nomination and will contact you for any additional information that may help to determine the potential significance of the tree(s) you are submitting. Please download this Microsoft Word or PDF document to your computer and save it. After filling out the form, please forward via email (or print a copy and send by postal mail) along with any photos. If the photos are large, it may take a several emails to send them all. Our computers will not accept over 18 megabits of information in each email. Please provide as much information as possible. It is important that historic information be appropriately sourced, whether it is from county legend, oral history, newspaper article, family photos, etc. Should there be information that is important to the tree's history that is not specifically called for in the nomination form, please feel free to include it, too. Thank you!
  • (For Example: The Wagon Yard Elm)
  • (Note: While age is significant, it is important for you to know that the oldest trees may not be the most historic trees in a community or county. Trees with a strong connection to a significant person, a community, or an event may have a much richer history than the oldest tree in a community.)
  • (Please include GPS coordinates if applicable. This information is very helpful in locating the tree.)
  • Select one if applicable
  • Please describe the land use. (For example: park, nature preserve, county government, etc. )
  • Please obtain permission from the property owner to inspect the tree(s)
  • (Volunteers will be contacting you in their efforts to gather supportive data.)
  • Please include GPS coordinates if applicable. This information is very helpful in locating the tree.
  • Please list the names of all the people that have contributed to the nomination. Specify contributions of individuals for photographs, letters, etc.
  • Texas Historic Tree Coalition (TXHTC) is an all-volunteer organization. Volunteers dedicate their time and efforts in researching nominated trees. They pull data from a variety of resources to find all the supportive information available. Much of the historical data we access is in local libraries, town halls, city/county governments, and local/regional museums. A large volume of historical data is not readily available on-line. This can delay the nomination process and May require volunteers to make visits to the local area to collect and research material relevant to the tree and its history. We appreciate your nomination and encourage your participation in the research process of your submission. Thank you for your patience as we gather information and for your support of our volunteers in their efforts!