Historic Tree Registry

A Historic Tree is a tree (or group of trees) that are at least 50 years old and share a significant event (or events) in a specific place in time. This is a brief statement that helps to quantify what we are looking for without any strong limitations. What is “significant” could vary according to the point of view but the Texas Historic Tree Coalition often refers to historians, anthropologists and other experts for recommendations. In essence, credible historic reference materials must be provided and historic references should be corroborated by a reputable source before we can pursue further investigation. Size, age, or a great story behind a tree, can also contribute to a tree’s significance.

Heritage Trees

A Heritage tree has deep significance to a community. Again, what is of “deep significance” can vary but should be quantified as much as possible. As an example, if a new tree (or grove of trees) was planted in honor of someone or a group of people which are significant to the community, an application for recognition could be submitted.

Historic Tree Registry

The Texas Historic Tree Registry is a program set up to identify and honor historic and heritage trees in Texas. A Historic Tree Nomination Form can be found under the “Historic and Heritage Trees” tab.

Historic and Heritage Trees